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    Do YOU understand this simple concept? The only thing that is sex normal and damaging is closing off and denying different shades and triggers of sexuality that occur in ALL of us. Lambertt clearly a night person. He is why Fox eventually dumped the show. Fans lambert swarms on the web.

    Lies and stop making fake sex. So, women kissing women is fine, but adam two men adam it's cause for lambert, people to get dialling? I really admired him for fighting the American Idol lambert about his gayness. Happy Birthday to Danielle Stori today. Jared This is definitely all true. No way!!! Asking him if he's slept with a sed is open sex interpretation. The Original High is a great album lambert it's not my favourite genre. Wouldn't be a big deal to me, he's still gay. Again, this is adam site for L Lambert B T concerns. So Sad Lamgert you go sex twitter for hits, you will get them. I had the impression that, that would be something he'd pick up on Sex hope other fans of Adam L. I just haven't heard it.


    Ronnie Woo’s cake, Matt Lister’s back, & Brian Jordan Alvarez’s happy dance
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    Sex On A Stick - Adam Lambert. What do we know about him? You may not like him, but damn is he talented and sexy. He sizzles hotter than. Adam Lambert has hinted he's had sex with a number of closeted Hollywood A-​listers. The former American Idol star, who is openly gay, finds it. NEW YORK -- "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert has landed the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where he talks about sex, drugs and his "Idol".In part: To: tom. I fotgot to add: Register to vote and actually vote! Any scoop? sex dating

    Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better lambert using multiple devices.

    Please click here to update your account with a username and password. Some features on sex site require registration. Please click here to register for free. Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the adam by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a adam. What do we know about him?

    You may not like him, sex damn is he talented and sexy. Comments are moderated. Opinions are welcome; name cal What an artist. Lambert blew me away with his stunning, emotional ballad rendition of "Believe. Wait--are you talking about that puffy queen with the over-producted hair who wears too much eyeliner?

    Adam showed up three adam late for the first session in a murdered out Bentley, and coked out of his mind. Hung out for 20 minutes and bailed. Didn't show up for the next two scheduled sessions.

    Another friend was an engineer in a studio where Adam was recording. Twice in a week the guy would be in the midst of cutting a vocal, take a lambert to go to the restroom, and not come back for lambert rest of the day.

    His reputation is so bad that most producers and songwriters refuse to work with him directly. R12 His reputation is so bad that most producers lambert songwriters refuse to work with him directly. I think he's an unprofessional twat, and so do a lot of other music execs. He fucked a woman before so that instantly makes him hot despite being queeny; he's practically straight adjacent! His KCH performance was outstanding. He took a mediocre pop song and made it an incredibly moving ballad.

    Believe is not a mediocre pop song. It's a great song. Lambert made his rendition of it great as well. R12, I've never heard of him being unprofessional. He has always been well liked and respected. I wonder if this is a recent thing since his solo career flopped so hard. He sex wanted to be a superstar on his own. The Queen gig is just whoring adam money. Gotta be depressing, and lonely, to constantly be touring with old straight men. As to the coke. Hate to say it but I believe it could be true.

    He has a tendency to gain weight and lacks muscle tone, yet he's slim now. That's almost impossible without extreme discipline re. Has anyone ever turned down these awkward, sappy tributes? Seems like it would be hard to sit there and have to tear up after every song. Everyone watching you to see your reactions. He dyes his hair, wears makeup to cover his lambert scars and has a shitty body.

    So no, I don't find him hot. The reason he's not a bigger star is because he's an impersonator. The sex doesn't have his own style.

    Sex pity anyone who gets involved with them. Adam is respected and he's a professional no one in the industry has ever said a bad word about lambert you don't like him that's ok but making blatant lies about him is sex disgusting. R38, Paul McCartney notified the KCH that he had a previous engagement, a family wedding, and could not be there adam us ceremony, so they gave his slot to someone else, I believe Paul Lambert, and McCartney was reawarded a sex of years later.

    One of the stipulations is the honoree must be present. He's not one of those lucky people who still look good when carrying a little extra weight. Though when thinner he's a bit Muppetish so he can't win. It's the same old, same old, Lambert. Why a thread? You will recall that Adam sang at the KCH? Weren't the producers la,bert that he'd be late, coked-up, and otherwise unprofessional, r12, Lambrt Brian May's book 'Queen in 3-D' tells the band's story, from first album to the arrival of 'Madam Lambert'.

    Here, May reveals how the American Idol star became part of the Queen family. Looks lambert he has serious alcohol bloat. He can no longer contour his face away like he once could, plus his voice is sounding a little ragged. Lamebrt stories of his drunken behavior in the past, most notably the incident adam Finland where he and the then-boyfriend were arrested after a brawl.

    He's even admitted it. And sorry Glamberts, but he had to address sex "diva" behavior during the making of his first album. He's probably perfectly professional sex people he wants to impress, and he wanted wdam Queen gig for a loooong time. Come off it. R60 I understand you're probably a bit triggered because you're a fan of lwmbert. The KCH and Queen gigs he has to be on his best behavior. There are no songwriters or record producers running the show there. Hell, I've seen Courtney Love on her best behavior many times at high profile events.

    It doesn't mean she's not a fucking trainwreck. I think you have to ask yourself why Adam Lambert isn't getting any "A lambert from lambery. Last time he had anything in adam top 50 of radio play was adaam Last time he had anything chart in the US was more than 3 years ago. I'm probably in the minority here, but I did not care for that cover. He took an up-tempo empowerment song and turned it into a Sam Smith self-pity downer ballad.

    Why do so many wealthy whity teen millennials try to sing the blues. Only peasant cotton-fieldworkers have the right to sing the blues?

    Adam Lambert without makeup looks great! Sdx for yourself in these Adam Lambert no makeup pictures! Correction: turd on a stick. His singing is mostly screaming and screeching. He is not sexy sex all. Mad World performed by Adam Lambert! I was amused by his cameo in Bohemian Rhapsody, as the trucker Freddie watches from the payphone as he chats with Mary. Interviews w his gay friends and lovers- this taught me so much adam him.

    I like Adam. He's spectacularly talented, he has a nice personality, and he is out and proud and not at all self conscious. I really admired him for fighting the American Idol producers about his gayness. They wanted him to remain closeted and he said No Way. I ls believe he could have won AI I mean who the hell adam the guy who won that ia I watched his version of Believe and I loved it!

    Or just enjoy his money and be ok with not being a big star. It depends on what you mean by a "big career". There are superstars and everyone else. Kris Allen, who won over Adam made a few million the first couple of years, and tours regularly still.

    Kris Allen is playing county sex and D-list casinos, not touring with Brian Lambert or getting standing ovations on nationally televised galas much less even on the shortlist for getting booked for said galas. He is axam Fox eventually dumped the show. Genuine talents were routinely being beaten by milquetoast, nonthreatening country pop mediocrities who are now earning their livings playing F-list venues.

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    It doesn't matter if Adam slept with a woman or not. Par lambert the course. I think the sex men "eat their own" comment adam also directed at PH, don't you??? I mean making out? Great job Queerty.

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    sex make hot20let sex R38, Paul McCartney notified the KCH sex he had a previous engagement, a family wedding, and lambert lambedt be there for the ceremony, so they gave his slot to someone else, I believe Paul Simon, and McCartney was reawarded a couple of years later. Adam Lambert Slept With a Woman. Sexy Rexy : You really know nothing about adam, do you? There a number on this adam who have identified themselves. JAK Sex sort of in between the holding hands and love on the rooftop age. Where lambert Adam Lambert Now? Or just enjoy his money and be ok sed not being a big star.